Pro Spring 3

Right now I am reading Pro Spring 3 written by Clarence Ho and Rob Harrop (a SpringSource co-founder). Very up to date book about Spring covering version 3.1. This book doesn't lack information, almost every part of Spring is covered including some useful addons like Spring Data JPA, Spring Batch, Spring Integration and Roo, The book is not just about Spring it is about how to be productive with Spring. Author explains how to use SpringTool Suite (STS), how to decide which approach to follow, examples are very profound. And through the book author is developing a real application! I wish that authors have paid attention on Spring security (not covered at all) and Beans Validation chapter is too thin with only 2 field validation annotations mentioned (@NotNull and @Size). Still this is the best book that will make you a good and capable Spring programmer even if you don't have any precognition about Spring.



Raspad SFRJ doneo je mnogo problema lokalizatorima za naše pordučje. Autori Java jezika se nisu baš najbolje snašli u tome pa i u javi 6-te verzije postoje problemi. Rešenje za te probleme kao i kratak istorijat problema pogledajte na sledećem linku: http://klaus.e175.net/java-yu

Hvala Draženu na ovom linku :)